Posted by: outroversion | October 21, 2010

RIP: The Rocking Horse Winner (2001-… 2004)

The Rocking Horse Winner

I fell asleep with my Ipod on last night. When this happens I have a compulsion to relisten to everything that was played again in the morning (I hate myself for it!). Last night it was on shuffle. Long story short, I seemed to hit the jackpot as how else would I have found The Rocking Horse Winner? I tweeted about them thinking they were in the running as my new favourite band when I find out they’ve split up…

6 years ago!!!

Am I really that far behind the game?! Either way it must be known that these guys were great. Yes, I’m in quite a happy place these days so there is a little more sugar in my twee but is that such a bad thing?

Apparently the lead singer here, Jolie Lindholm is best known for providing backing vocals on Dashboard Confessional albums. She now works in real estate, I now hate the world. I emplore you to- 1. download these songs as they’re gorgeous and 2. go down to where she works and beg her to reconsider living a real life and come back to music where everything’s hazey and awesome.

Over and Outroversion

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  1. Every time I see blogs as good as this because I should stop bludging and start working on mine.Thanks

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