Posted by: outroversion | October 8, 2010

New Music: The Riot Tapes

The Riot Tapes

An odd little quirk that the English media have is comparing bands from our British neighbours to others from there, usually either one of two depending on sexuality. In Riot Tapes’ native Ireland, if it’s male vocals it’s U2, female it’s the Corrs. Thankfully neither is the case here.

I first checked out The Riot Tapes after receiving a nice message from them congratulating me on my new job with the 02 academy music group (Newsflash for bands- it pays to be nice!)  (and oh yeah, i got a new job). I have a lot of music in my inbox waiting for me to check out but after dialogue and hearing some great music I made it a priority to feature them.

The first track is open eyed dreams which tells of lead singer Elaine’s (the best of seventy auditioned) experiences in her job. She’s a cop. I would say that the standout track here is photograph, which is due to be their first single but everything i’ve heard so far is fantastic. Everything is local is just as strong with a great hook. In my opinion you should just download all three and make your itunes library that little bit more swish.

Musically the guitar lines are as panoramic as they come and in keeping with the higher echelons of guitar driven bands but the vocals set them apart. These three tracks I was sent really show the dynamic flexibility of her  voice, switching from Emily Haine’s durability and strength leading the disco fused backing on everything is local and a late night whisky tinged but just as powerful Imogen Heap on open eyed dreams.

At the moment they’re still recording and re-recording everything until it’s perfect enough to put on an album, the which they hope to have finished by the end of the year. So follow them on twitter where they regularly post the newest versions of tracks and there’s loads of demos on facebook– check them all out and get ahead of the game.

MP3s (download only):

Open eyed dreams

Everything is local


Streaming: Myspace



  1. we gon’ party tonight

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