Posted by: outroversion | October 4, 2010

Stuck on repeat: Villagers- 27 strangers


I’m torn between writing paragraph after paragraph of the most lyrical of superlative waxings about just how good this song is and being unable to put that in words.

When you hear a song for the first time and are so struck by it you have no option but to put it on repeat half a dozen times you know you’ve found something special. I’ve written about Villagers here a few times, enjoying the comparative bright eyes stylings but here he goes beyond that; way beyond that.

Lyrically, turning something mundane that tends to happen to people every so often, into something that feels close to epic as well as insular, yet maintaining an uncomfortable air representative of the situation is as close to Dylan as you can get. To talk about this on a superficial level, even if this hasn’t happened to you he makes you feel like it does every other day.

He gets across everything that may or may not have happened this one evening, the detail is astounding without being deliberately specific. Whether this did happen or not he takes you on the journey with him, the thorny atmosphere of a group of strangers with a feeling that their situation isn’t grave enough to warrant interaction with one another. Despite all going through very similar emotions it seems too mundane to mention but thank music Conor O’Brien found the poignancy of it all enough to write a beautiful song about.


Twenty Seven Strangers


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