Posted by: outroversion | September 30, 2010

Random Aka MegaRan: Heroes Vol One

Random (Megaran)

Rap was the first genre of music that encapsulated what music should be for me. There’s been a lot of great artists that, whilst touching on the mainstream, have their roots in rap. I explain to people that the genre shouldn’t be a stereotype, it bridges socio-polical gaps and breaks through boundaries. Jazz, blues, poetry, soul, funk, mo-town- you like those right? Guess what rap is.

I first heard about Random at this year’s SXSW, featuring him on the best of playlist and featuring a track shortly after. His straight-faced retro-gaming referencing is enough to win over those who are drawn in by the MegaMan thematics. However, this album is where things get real and is just a flawless example of just how good an artist MegaRan is. Forget potential, it’s been delivered.

The guile of making something seem effortless is often revered. This is the feeling here but you get the same assurance that you can be fairly certain everything at his disposal has been poured into this album which he dedicates to his heroes; James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder and Dr. Martin Luther King  in return, they give the album its soul.

Each artist is given their own spoken word tribute, all of which would are fascinating insights into their effect on popular culture and this is where it’s hard not to start pouring out superlatives. He takes musicians, a civil rights activist and a terrorist attack and says what all of them were trying to, they’re all the same, they all changed the world in their own way. Is it really possible to put a positive spin on 9/11? It takes a brave man to try, but it’s truly inspiring to hear it achieved here.

Track wise, pain in my heart is an Otis Redding sampling and familiar sounding ode to lost love. That difficult aspect of a rap album where most sound like whining teens, that trap isn’t even in the same area code here, excellent. Work it out is the catchiest with the easiest going flow and a nostalgiac, reminisce over Michael Jackson’s effect on his and a lot of our formative years. Twice Over, is the track inspired Jacksons is probably the standout from a technical point, the lines over strung out keys are delivered with unerring accuracy and in terms of the writing, this track is defining. The last couple of minutes are his experiences of 9/11. If you listen to one track on this album make it this. Ultimately profound. Scratch that, the whole album is.


Get heroes, vol 1 here. Everyone should here this.

His other works.



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