Posted by: outroversion | September 26, 2010

Bright Eyes- Favourite Tracks atm

Bright Eyes

Rumour has it half of Conor Oberst’s Bright Eyes final album has been recorded. The future is a period Bright Eyes fans look forward to with equal excitement and trepidation. What “retiring the moniker” entails exactly is open to interpretation, the preferred one being just that- exactly the same stuff just with a different name. And besides even if it’s not, everything else he’s done has been incredible too so who are we to question his vision? All we can be sure of is that the album will be incredible, you don’t get that peace of mind with many artists.

I go through phases of Bright Eyes songs, there was a time where I loved first day of my life, bowl of oranges, theme from pinata and four winds and i’m sure they’ll roll around again eventually but fortunately we have a humongous back catalogue with which to dole out our focused appreciation.

Of late i’ve been more into Digital Ash, where 2005-2007 I was all about I’m wide awake it’s morning. My favourite Bright Eyes song of all time is Goldmine Gutted off that album but two others have been standing out for me over the summer; the cold, haunting worry of Down a rabbit hole and the anti-modernist sentiment that pours from Light Pollution.

The latter I think is something i’ve noticed more and more being in London and is something I consider from time to time. Not all that long ago, when the sun went down, half the world was dark. Surely the way we live now has to be affecting our planet in inconceivable ways?

Also around this time of year I like to listen to the christmas album. I hate most things about christmas including being pummeled with christmas tunes November-January so I like to get in there early while you can enjoy it for what it is and what this internet only release was was beautifully sparse, tense yet comforting.


Light Pollution

Down a rabbit hole

Blue Christmas



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  2. […] out I already posted about this track a month ago… I’ve probably listened to it every day since then but I’ll post another great one i’ve […]

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