Posted by: outroversion | September 16, 2010

Fenix TX

Fenix TX

When I first heard Fenix TX I was 16. They broke up when I was 17. They reformed when I was 20, I had tickets to see them, they cancelled and eventually disappeared in 2006, when I was 21. Despite not being officially broken up there certainly wasn’t all that much news on the grapevine (their last myspace blog was 4 years ago), until this summer, when I’m 25 and they decide to play my town. I won’t believe it until they’re on stage but a full european tour sounds pretty legit to me.

Alot of people were excited about Blink 182’s reunion spouting how seeing them would remind them of a simpler time. I’ve always said Blink is for babies. Fenix is where the game is. It was all very “frat-rock” and at times puerile (pheobe cates, rooster song, threesome) but at times they touched the pulse of a generation; songs like Minimum Wage and Manufactured Inspirarto were anthems of angst and they never shyed away from the balls to the wall hardcore they gregariously flirted with.

If you missed them when you were a teenager, go reminisce. If you are a teenager, lucky you but either way this stuff is borderline timeless, nothing’s going to change it’s just better to have something to soundtrack it.


Phoebe Cates

Minimum Wage

October UK Dates:

Sun 24 Cathouse, Glasgow
Mon 25 O2 Academy, Newcastle
Thu 28 Corporation, Sheffield
Sat 30 O2 Academy 2, Oxford


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