Posted by: outroversion | September 4, 2010

Outroversion’s September Mixtape

It’s starting to get colder. Focus has moved from up and coming artists in the June and July Festivals to Axl rose being pelted with £3 bottles of water, Summer is truly dwindling. It’s been great though, personally i’ve seen a huge amount of artists that were on my to see list this summer and I hope everyone else grabbed the opportunities that, in 2010, we’re quite fortunate to be able to grasp with ease.

This month’s mixtape has the tracks I think are sounding great this month- Blood Red Shoes’ new single, complete with a great video, Jenny Lewis is back, as is a solo Brandon Flowers and I think that Mark Ronson’s new stuff sounds great with the business international. There’s also a lot of talk about Cee-Lo’s fuck you and right so as it is brilliantly catchy, time will tell if it gets as annoying as “Crazy” and I’ve put Hayley Williams’ airplanes on here when I initially ignored it due to Eminem only having one verse but it’s actually a really sweet track. Being someone who actually does listen to all kinds of music rather than just saying it there is a lot of contrasting genres here, something for everyone you might say. Hope you enjoy…

Outroversion’s September Mixtape

Eels– I’m a hummingbird

Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan– You won’t let me down again

Villagers– Home // Set the tigers free

Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun- Atlases // Waitress

The Half-Sisters– Come on Loui

Hayley Williams, Eminem & B.O.B- Airplanes

Fan Death- Cannibal

Stars– We don’t want your body

Kanye West– Power

Cee-Lo Green- Fuck You

Brandon Flowers- Crossfire // Swallow it

Dear Euphoria– Falling Behind

Jenny and Johnny- Little Fly

The Law- The Chase

Tubelord– He awoke on a bench in abergavenny

Bern & The Brights– It Goes Like That // Sleepless Aristotle

Cloud Control– This is what I said

Mark Ronson and the Business International– Bang Bang Bang

Lights– February Air (acoustic) & Saviour (acoustic)

Dylan Leblanc– If time was for wasting

Blood Red Shoes– Heartsink

Japandroids– Younger Us

I just wanted to try something this month to see if there’s any interest so if you like this and would actually like a physical cassette or cd copy of it just hit me up at and let me know which you want and where to send it (:

Get the rest of the mixtapes HERE.


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  2. Thanks again, butttttt the Jenny and Johnny song was called Scissor Runner in your August Mixtape

  3. Outroversion?s September Mixtape…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

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