Posted by: outroversion | August 29, 2010

Boxer The Horse

B0xer the Horse

For the psuedo-intellectuals among you, you may know Boxer is the horse in George Orwell’s animal farm. I say pseudo because it’s still a book about talking farm animals no matter how you dress it up, quit kidding yourselves!!

Finding its home in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, what began as a folk duo consisting of guitarist/vocalist Jeremy Gaudet and bassist Richard MacLeod eventually grew into Boxer The Horse with the addition of drummer Andrew Woods and Isaac Neily on guitar and keys.

The track here, Mary meets the pilot, is great. It kicks off with Stereophonics style guitar and M. Ward-esque vocals at their most upbeat and definite similarities to Franz Ferdinand can be drawn from the tempo and delivery.


Mary meets the pilot


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