Posted by: outroversion | August 17, 2010



“Brigs is Andrea Burgoyne. She writes songs inspired by many dark nights and bright days in the Yukon and beyond.”

I simply had to post this Canadian solo artist because 1. she’s great 2. I’m concerned people will not be drawn in by the artist name so want to say “oi look at this to people”!

She’s tagged on as “i like this great voice and if you turn on this song you will see that all other singers suddenly became boring and untalanteed” and what’s more I kinda see where they’re coming from!

She does say that the track i’m posting here is the most radio friendly but after listening to her myspace that’s not to say that the others aren’t completely compelling because well, they are. It’s just that all signs point to no is catchy as cooties.


All signs point to no

Fits and Feet


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