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Outroversion @ 2000 Trees 2010

I don’t want you to be put off by any talk of tents, so I shant ask you to endure the tale of my attempt at what is generally considered, a particularly basic element of outdoor pursuits. So I shall just say, having gotten to the site with ease and with the assistance of some particularly helpful “tree-ers” I had “somewhere to sleep” and could thankfully now concentrate on the music.

If you applied for early bird entry then the night before the festival then you were treated to an evening of bands in the leaf-lounge and comedy in the alternative greenhouse tent, more on these later. The best bands of today are featured at the end on the best of the rest of 2000 Trees 2010.

A day in the life: 2000 Trees, Saturday 16/07/10

After a wet and windy night under the stars and a surprisingly good sleep, the morning started off with a talk from the world poverty project in the straw strewn leaf lounge, a thought provoking demonstration that at the very least stopped everyone feeling sorry for themselves for having slept in a field.

12.00 Tailors

Choosing which band to see first was actually difficult, it often isn’t elsewhere. Tailors were the decision, being one of Frank Turner’s many friends on the bill and the promise of “Anthony Kiedis style vocals” had sold me already.

Mark Oliver Everitt in appearance, Neil Young in style, the AK comparison seems to come from the lead singer’s dismissive delivery which is particularly effective during some of the darker moments in the set which are by no means intermittent here. The band’s noon outing here is fitting but by no means representative.

1.10 Crazy Arm

Another of Frank Turner’s acquaintances (this theme becomes prevalent throughout the day), Crazy Arm are borderline hardcore. The only reason I say borderline is that they have quite mellow vocalisation (for a hardcore band). Musically they flit between light metal and threatening to rock your face off. Watching these guys at 1pm while drinking Horchata was surreal in the best possible way.

1.45 Midnight Mile

Ultimately Feist like but at times switching to Damien Rice inspired male vocals. This band obviously has two vocalists, one would be… actually pretty awesome. Despite being plagued by sound problems MM still gave a good account of themselves and it’s definitely worth your time downloading their EP free from Istartedthefire records.

2.45 Tubelord

I hadn’t planned to stop by the mainstage but they had some amazing food down there I hadn’t tried so I had no choice. I caught the last 4 songs of their set and believe me, these guys were tearing the stage A-PArt. Upon approach I thought, wow that chick has a killer voice, and then became a little confused when she started talking and had a man’s voice. Vocally, on the same planet as placebo with AFI’s growl in for effect at times but absolutely monstrous live, definitely check them out.

3.00 Shoes and socks off

This stage was packed beforehand but walking towards the greenhouse stage it became apparent this may have had something to do with Frank Turner’s presence. My apologies for mentioning him at such regular intervals but he was particularly omnipresent throughout the day.

As he headed off with Chris T-T with the throng for the latter’s set I was sheltered from the opening heavens awaiting my most anticipated of the lesser known acts; shoes and socks off who I raved about in feverish fashion in the build up to the festival.

The “Thom Yorke covering Blur’s think tank acoustically” was a highly accurate comparison. The audience were rapped throughout his masterful set; engaging and engrossing. Skin Contact and World Class assassins were just plain old beautifully haunting.

3.40 Emily Breeze

I caught 5 minutes of Men Diamler before returning to the leaf lounge and yeah, I think he’s the reason I-tunes has “unclassifiable” as a genre option. Some sort of Nu-Folk for a futuristic Shakesperian England kinda deal. Ever so curious as to how this would sound on record.

And so to Ms. Breeze. Musically; Ramshackled Ramones influenced punk undertones with vocals to equipoise that with a perhaps more countrified Brody Dalle or Kate Jackson but just as smokey and whiskey drenched.

4.50 Dawn Chorus

For fans of Bright Eyes”. This was more than enough for me to  disobey my body’s pleas for a break. A brilliant decision; Dawn Chorus are EXcellent. Regarding the Conor Oberst comparison I would say musically 2004 (ever so slightly pre-morning) and vocally? fevers and mirrors- seriously. Frank Turner is also a fan and didn’t pass up the opportunity of sharing the stage with his home town apprentices.

5.40 Beans on toast

Beans on toast is the Jay in Frank’s “Prufrock”. That’s not a weird metaphor.

He makes 2 minute pseudo-political jaunts that mostly reference drugs and other lager swilled crowd pleasers. He’s a good time whether you agree with his views or not (I don’t). A certain someone also made a brief cameo as a beat boxer.

6.40 Jim Lockey and the solemn sun

Probably keep an eye out for these guys. The audience from B&T were warned if they left, they might not get back in; such was the following of Jim Lockey and the Solemn Sun.

Folk Rock at its best, Jim Lockey spear-heads their assault, he also played solo on the saturday, he seems to be itching to rock out, putting everything into every song. Lyrically it’s formidable stuff and he has a killer voice to back it up.

The hype wasn’t at all exaggerated, the place was packed throughout and 2 minutes after their set it was close to empty. They’ve just released their debut album, check it out.

9.00 Little Fish

Little Fish are fast becoming my favourite band to rock out to live. Although Frank Turner was on pretty soon there was still a healthy turn out to have Julia Sophie scream their nipples off. Live, here voice has to be experienced to be believed. It’s the equivalent of traveling back to ancient Greece, being seduced by a siren and then have her scream your skin off but kinda liking it. Perfect preparation for the headline-

9.30 Frank Turner

Frank Turner doesn’t tend to divide people. The general rule is; you hear him, you dedicate a certain portion of your itunes library to him and rock out live to him whenever you can and you tend to get such opportunities half a dozen times a year.

Such devotion is well deserved. Tirelessly touring his brilliant 3 minute folk rock songs that seem to resonate without exception. He seems to guarantee festival moments.

Here, the clouds cleared for him to play his first festival headline slot beneath a picturesque sunset with half the 2,000 strong crowd singing along to every syllable and the other half being willfully converted to his cause.

It’s unclear who owes more to whom, Frank Turner, who has played each year but 1 and learned his first solo acoustic song here, to 2000 trees or t’other way ’round.

Either way it is a perfect match and he vowed to be here every year in some capacity. Speaking of which, tickets are already on sale for next year here.

Next up: Truck 2010



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