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Outroversion Presents: 2000 Trees 2010- The Greenhouse

Outroversion Presents: 2000 Trees 2010

The Greenhouse

Shoes and socks off

Lo-Fi solo project of ex Meet me in St Louis front-man and former bassist from Shield Your Eyes Toby Hayes. I’m pretty excited about this band, they sound like, and this may sound like a huge overstatement but really it’s a deserved compliment- a mix of Blur’s Think Tank and Radiohead’s In Rainbows. He released a hell of a lot of music, at current rate- 1 song and one video a week, it’s something you can catch while it’s still finding its place in the music landscape and something you can really get your teeth into.

MP3: Fits and Starts

Ben Marwood

Born way back in the Eighties, twenty years before said Eighties actually became cool, Ben Marwood is an anti-folk songwriter with a bitter fondness for popular culture and an endless capacity for tea.

Mp3: Friendly Fires ( demo)

Men Diamler

MEN DIAMLER plays live regularly as a (sometimes) guitar-accompanied singer. 12 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT MEN DIAMLER…

1.Men Diamler is from the Southwest of the Northeast.

2.Books tours with a bucket of cement and a mechanical drill – ie DIY

3.Sells tickets for tribute acts,spiritualists and retired cricketers when he is not Men Diamler.

4.Dislikes London, he has now quit playing there for good.

5.Likes the fact somebody once described his singing voice as akin to “Roy Orbison with two punctured lungs”, and is glad it wasn’t an iron lung.

6.Has covered Jacques Brel, Elvis, Son House, Trad Arr & Swans live. He likes all those acts quite a bit, too.

7.Has a song about a horse who is starved by his owner so that he can use it’s ribs as a xylophone. The horse gets naturally gets revenge.

8.Makes drone/noise/improv musick under the name FRANZ REICHELT. If you don’t know who the inspiration behind FRANZ IS, look on youtube.

9.Men Diamler divides the audience. Sometimes this happens right down the middle, which is good as it makes it easier for him to walk around while singing a spiritual/hymn.

10.Considers the dead poets are better than the living ones, and the gulf increases everyday.

11.Can’t tell if the glass is half empty or half full – because it is a can.

12.Doesn’t like writing his own press releases. The code is chilly.


Jake Morley

A rare and unusual talent, Jake Morley has a musical style to drop your jaw, tapping and slapping an acoustic guitar on his lap as if playing the guitar, piano and drums combined… whilst singing. Sell-out headline gigs and the release of a critically-acclaimed debut EP This City have followed, culminating in major support slots for The Hoosiers and Nizlopi.


Oxygen Thief

A guitar, a voice, and some effects pedals that make “du-du-du-du-durr-bwop-bwop-bwop-bwop” noises.


aspen sails

Aspen Sails is the brainchild of Lincoln born folksters Bertie and Charlie. The music they make is a soaring wave of hook filled melody orchestrated through their intertwining vocals, and gently caressed guitars.


Joe Summers

“Twenty-three year old Joe Summers is a true folk troubadour, devoid of any pretense, a diamond in the rough of todays saturated music scenes. WIth his feet firmly placed in the roots of the music he adores, Summers constructs his narratives and melodies like the greats. Taking influence from the likes of Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Jeff Buckley his songwriting blends these artists ideals together to create an amalgamation of folk-rock heritage coupled with a vocal so wistfully engaging you’ll feel you’ve been transported back to the very heart of singer songwriter royalty.” ~ I started the fire


Ruth Bewsey

“If summerfolk were a real genre, Ruth Bewsey would be the queen of it. Blending the beautiful stylings of Tristan Prettyman, Imogen Heap and KT Tunstall to create an arresting and enchanting piece soft folky excellence, a single fragile voice over upbeat plucked guitar riffs is all Bewsey needs to absorb her audience. Ruth’s voice is not a common occurrence and should be for that reason adored for its purity and power, for its ability to deliver a lyric so poignantly it can make your heart swell swell inside your chest!” ~ I started the fire


Daniel Conti

Conti heads up a talented group of professional artists with a wonderfully nostalgic sound that is primarily guitar based, with heavy blues and classic rock influences. Drawing Back was named because the music draws back to those earlier music styles popular in decades past.


Dan Heaver

Evil empire creative by day. writer of just about anything else by night. here’s an unsophisticated example of what’s in my unsophisticated head. To music” ~ From his myspace


Carlos and The Jackal

“Simple folk for simple folk”




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