Posted by: outroversion | June 27, 2010

Outro In LDN: Gaslight Anthem, Brixton Ac, 28/6/10

Gaslight Anthem @ Brixton Academy 28.6.10

Instinctively I knew to trust that Gaslight Anthem would deliver. They made my number one album of the last 10 years but have just released a new album which, although good is not the reason this gig was so highly anticipated.

They kicked off expectedly, with the title track of the recently released American Slang before intertwining four or five of the best off the album with a showcase of brilliant tracks from the flawless ’59 sound. It was frenetic (and sweaty), letting up at all the right points for slower numbers which all added another element to the set which, though apparent on CD was impressively stark tonight.

Everything about the current tour is impressive. Brian and the boys are clearly grateful just to be here, the ticket prices are as low as any academy shows, the diehard’s enthusiasm is infectious through the audience and anyone who didn’t know the band ended up having an unforgettable night. I’ve gotten into the habit of going on twitter after to read what people have said and there was definately a single consensus for everyone who had their face rocked off at Brixton last night- rather splendid. That is to say- MIND BLOWING.


American Slang

Here’s lookin at you kid

’59 Sound (MP3 only)


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