Posted by: outroversion | June 3, 2010

Outroversion Presents: May 2010 Mixtape

I wanted to leave a few days for the Dot to Dot review to get the space it deserves before posting this months collection of the best songs from the past month. There’s not as many as usual due to a distinct lack of internet for much of the month, you hopefully won’t have noticed but I did! It’s like 1998 up in here! Anyway…

Outroversion Presents: May 2010 Mixtape

Anni Rossi– Crushing Limbs

Billionaires– The end of Summer Song

Bishop Allen– Ancient Commensense of things

Blitzen Trapper– Lover leave me drowning

The boy least likely to– A fairytale ending

Buke & Gass– Medulla Oblongata

Chicks on speed- Supersurfer Girl

Eisley– The Valley

Feldberg– Dreamin’

The Hot Toddies– HTML

I Blame Coco- Never Be

Lightning Love- Everyone I know

Metric– Gold, Guns, Girls

The New Pornographers- Hands Together

Pearl and the puppets– Girlfriend

Plushgun– Mixtapes

Regina Spektor– Eet

Sally Seltman– On the borderline

The School– Valentine

Stornoway– Watching Birds

Thao– Fixed It

Wakey!Wakey!– Twenty Two

Over and Outroversion


  1. hey whats your myspace page.

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