Posted by: outroversion | May 23, 2010

Outroversion in LDN: New Pornographers, Stornoway & I Blame Coco

I may, hopefully be attending metric tonight, just waiting on tickets but the past three days have been gig filled in themselves and this is how it went down…

New Pornographers @ Electric Ballroom (19/05/2010)

I’ve been wanting to post about the new porno’s lately as i’ve gotten back into them way more especially since I knew I would be going to this gig. I’m telling you, backward supergroups are the future!

The gig in itself was great. Obviously they’d just released a new album, which was great but it never goes down all that well when you play mainly new tracks and they steered clear of that pitfall despite being without Dan Bejar and Neko Case, besides Carl Newman and Kathryn Calder are perfectly adequete vehicles for their harmonic tennis style tracks. Although despite Kathryn ably filling in on some Neko tracks, Dan’s go untouched which meant no myriad harbour, silver jenny dollar or ballad of a comeback kid but to be honest it is only after the gig you realise anything was really missing, they really are stunning live no matter what avenue they take with their close to flawless back catalogue.

MP3s: Blown Speakers (studio) & Letter From an Occupant (live)

Stornoway @ ULU (20/05/2010)

Oxford’s favourite fledglings went on their first nationwide tour over the past month and descended on everywhere you’d expect as well as their namesake. Live, they’re really nice. Student Union gigs are always good as they’re inexpensive and aren’t purpose fulfilling, i.e there’s places to hang out in between bands.

I was happy with the dozen or so tracks that had been made available from varying sources over the past year but it seems that they’ve added a few more more than meaty tracks for the new album, beachcomber’s windowsill. In particular Passenger, I assume it was called, was brilliant, excellent storytelling, masterfully sung and harrowing in equal measure.

You’d be hard pushed to find a review of this gig that doesn’t mention brian’s voice. This was the last night of the current tour (another begins next month) and it had taken a bit of a pummelling, fortunately he stuck it out through the main set and only let up when they played a single song for an encore which happened to be “Right on time” by Black Box, yeah that’s right… It was weird… Weird and brilliant.

Mp3s: Zorbing & I saw you blink

I blame Coco @ Koko (21/05/2010)

It seems every year I get into a great female artist’s demos only for them to change tack when unleashing them upon the world from a commercial point of view. Last year Marina and the Diamonds and the year before Emmy the great. Whether it be leaving off fan favourites from your album, a box which I blame coco ticks or changing your reggae influenced electrindie sound for a more commercially viable electro-dance hall vibe; double header!

The demos were amazing though and I always look back fondly on the first quarter of each year for that reason (:

MP3s: I blame Coco & Bohemian Love


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