Posted by: outroversion | April 15, 2010


Grammatical errors aside, those of us that grew up in the 80s really had it sweet in terms of video game consoles. Things aren’t too different these days, I mean our blowing into cartiridges to get them to work are this generations ring of death! We had it pretty sweet.

Nothing beats nostalgia over 8 and at the very most 16 bit video game consoles (unless it’s failed next generation consoles like the gamecube) and I feel one of the best things to come out of that is 8-bit music! That’s right- people in the 21st century using (whatever this part means-) hacked consoles such as gameboys, nes’s, sneses, megadrives and genesises to make awesome nostalgic yet modern music.

Here are my four favourite pioneers of this art form-

The first two are instrumental-

Darchives- Monogomy is a type of wood

I pretty much have one rule about this kinda music- at some point there must be a sound effect from super mario one on the nes. This track certainly ticks the box there! It’s jaunty and summery and has the sound where he eats a magic mushroom (:

Anamaguchi- Blackout City

These guys are brilliant. They’re essentially the reason I HAD to write this particular blog as there was no way I was going to let these fellas slip by the wayside. They’re from NYC and are apparently of the genre “chiptune punk”, to be honest sometimes I think some genres are made up.. But nonetheless I don’t tolerate wordless music easily but this is a breeze, wonderful stuff.

These two are with lyrics, one a nintendrock band and the other a nintendhop act-

Lost Levels- Early Sheets

The lost levels are kind of a normal band that just happen to have 8 bit music backing them. The actual 8 bit music is brilliant, I have said in the past that it’s a cop out to choose not to put words to music but the danger with putting lyrics to 8bit is it might sound a little emotronic. Besides that isn’t even the problem here, the problem is mixing 8bit music with guitars and drums. One or the other I say.

Random AKA Mega Ran- Splash Woman

Ok, I loved megaman. I also love a talented underground rapper. Put those together? You’ve got one of the most killer combos of ALL TIME.

Every thing I heard about Mega Ran i’ve thought surely it can’t be as good as it seems. But yeah my fears completely qualmed by him 1. being an amazing rapper 2. rapping ABOUT megaman 3. doing it not at all ironically.

It’s brilliant, he puts most of his mixtapes out for free, I believe there are 9, google it bro!



  1. great piece, outro!
    Love those 8-bit instrumentals!!

    On a similar note, I incorporated some 16-bit SFX for my latest song “Forgotten Dreams” … DO check it out.. and thx for the heads up about your website!

  2. […] first heard about Random at this year’s SXSW, featuring him on the best of playlist and featuring a track shortly after. His straight-faced retro-gaming referencing is enough to win over those who are […]

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