Posted by: outroversion | April 13, 2010

Eels through the ages


I like Mr. Everett’s Eels, if only for the reason he’s exactly what he wants them to be so there’s never been any danger of him selling out.

Basically Eels were bedroom americana masquerading as 2010 electronic indie. To say that in the 90’s Mr. E was ahead of his time may be an understatement but also entirely accurate.

The nineties: dark but poignantly poetic

Susan’s House

Novacaine for the soul

Your lucky day in hell

The zeroes: The cinematic years; Feelgood hits of the summer

Mr E’s beautiful blues

Saturday Morning

Hey man, now you’re really living

Modern Day: 90 + 00 = 2010

Fresh Blood

Beginner’s Luck

Lilac Breeze (mp3 only)



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  2. You forgot Guest List?
    My Eels list starts with Guest List.

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