Posted by: outroversion | April 11, 2010

6 Day Riot

It’s sunday afternoon, had a lovely weekend up until now but of course it’s winding down; I pondered for a little while what the best soundtrack to this would be and decided these were perfect…

6 Day riot

The biography on 6 day riot’s website is lengthy but worth a read, it tells of members leaving on the eve of their biggest tour, broken dreams, breakthrough songs written in planes on the way to canadian festivals, it pretty much has everything and it looks like it’s going to have a happy ending.” ~ Outroversion Autumn ’09

Recently while reccomending one of my favourite bands of ’09 to people, 6 Day Riot, some have baulked in the same way when i’d reccomend death cab in 2003, thinking it’s death metal or something, obviously the 1920’s western folk of 6DR couldn’t really be further from that label.

Their music is the best kind, the music sounds great and feel good but the lyrics and dark and intense in places when you really listen. O Those Kids is apparently about the canoe man and from that perspective it’s really quite intelligent but from a casual listening perspective it’s brilliantly nice (:

Here’s some mp3s for you to check out from “Have a plan..” and their twitter address is under the picture above for updates on how recording for album #3 is going.


Run for your life
O those kids
Go! Canada


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