Posted by: outroversion | April 9, 2010

Local Natives

Yesterday I described Local natives as “one of those bands that when someone asks you to reccomend bands they don’t come into your mind but when you listen to them, each time you think they’re incredible and make a note to mention them but then forget”. It’s an endless cycle and most people have a few bands like that but in reality I should have written about Local Natives dozens of times since I started this blog.

Previous mentions: One, Two, Albums of the year.

Local Natives

They are much more moustachioed than in that pic but I liked how some are unashamedly excited but some apprehensive as to what is to come. Perhaps it was taken on the morning of one of their 10 shows in a day SXSW appearences.

They’ve taken on another level as well as you know sometimes people reference myspace or twitter in songs and it seems kinda weird.. ‘Specially myspace, the time that sticks out in my memory is on Nelly’s brass knuckles album, I was like get with the times mayneee. But the NPR reference on world news sounds timeless and not at all forced, it’s like nothing else could be there.

I’m unavailable til Sunday but I wanted to make sure everyone had a great soundtrack to their weekend both with these-


World News

Sun Hands

And this, a mixtape I made for Blalock’s Indie Rock Playlist Monthly Mixtape Exchange (or birpmme). Just around 20 of my favourite tracks, check it out if you like my taste there should be some stuffs you don’t have.

Have a great weekend (:



  1. Another fantastic band. I actually went out and bought Gorilla Manor a few weeks back. One of my top albums of the year so far.

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