Posted by: outroversion | April 8, 2010


The sun was out today after walking the majority of 15 miles in rain yesterday. The improved forecast meant it was time for Pinback!


I’ve probably filled about 20 of my favourite 100 albums of all time in my lifetime for definate and Pinback’s summer in abbadon is one of these. I listen to it mainly during the summer each year as their music soundtracks it so perfectly.

Like Death cab they were featured in the o.c but didn’t garner the same attention as death cab or modest mouse recieved on the back of it. This probably the reason I was able to see them at a 60 person venue in london last year and meet rob crow so it’s not so bad. Smith’s bass lines are as intelligent and creative as you’ll find in indie rock, Crow is criticised for his lyrics lacking meaning at times, this is debatable either way, but they make fantastic tunes aimed at the spring/summer audience.” ~ Outroversion April 2009


Loro – One of my favourite tracks of all-time

Walters – Their most intelligent track

Syracause – For Coldplay fans



  1. I love this band. Good call. My favorite album is also Summer, but Autumn is great too.

    AFK and Barnes are my top tracks by this band. Seen them live twice. Supposedly there’s a new album set to come out this year. Can’t wait.

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