Posted by: outroversion | March 28, 2010

Frank Turner: Camden Roundhouse

Sorry for the lack of update yesterday, it’s actually written but in draft form, truck pt III, i’ll put it up tomorrow. This was because my computer was broken all weekend and I finally said to myself- that’s it i’m gonna fix this myself! And thanks to being a “secret geek” as my bro calls me (: i did it in about 10 mins :D

And so onto today’s post. A review of a frank turner gig that I unfortunately was not at. However, I’ve decided to throw the floor open to guest writer’s as I can’t be everywhere at once. Although i’m seeing gigs tomorrow and tuesday ;)


This was apparently the biggest gig Frank had played in the UK, and it was the first time I’d seen him at a proper gig, so there was a fair amount of excitement to say the least.

The support acts were both fantastic. I’d never heard of the first, Cray Arm, before but they kicked everything off brilliantly. Having listened to a few of their tracks since the gig I think they’re definitely a band I’ll listen out for – their energy is unrelenting and electric (even if one of the guitarists was a tad guilty of playing like a member of Busted). Chuck Ragan (who was awesome) followed them – he had a DOUBLE BASS on stage so he’s always going to get my vote. Representin’. If you haven’t heard Chuck’s voice yet then you’re really missing out (providing intense gravelly passion is your thing, of course).

As terrible a person as this might make me, I’m having great difficulty recalling what order Frank’s set came in (its 3am and I’m essentially half a bottle of vodka walking around in human form) so I figured I’d just give you my take on a few of the best songs of the night.

‘Dan’s Song’ – this is one of my favourite songs at the moment now the sun is starting to pretend it’s summer, it’s a great song to dance along to with friends. Dan (yes, Dan as in Dan’s song) played the harmonica solo and it was really heart-warming to see them having as much fun on stage as we were in the audience (a testament to how genuine the whole gig was).

‘Long Live the Queen’ – I always find this song difficult to listen to and hearing it live was no different, but being part of an audience singing along to lyrics which clearly hold such a great significance was, in all honesty, pretty moving. I have so much respect for Frank being able to sing about stuff like this.

‘Jetlag’ – when listening to the album at home this song didn’t exactly jump out as a clear favourite for me, but my mind was quickly changed upon hearing it live. I think the wonderfully erudite gentleman standing behind me encapsulated the atmosphere perfectly: “That woz epic!”

The gig was wrapped up with a final performance of ‘The Ballad of Me and My Friends’ with every audience member singing along and a shirtless Frank, probably the best way to finish the night I reckon. If you ever get a chance to see him play – do it. The whole night was just so much fun and imo that’s what live music should be all about. And if you’re remotely interested, apparently he had Nandos before the show.


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