Posted by: outroversion | March 26, 2010

Truck 2010 Part II

Future of the left

I was into Future of the left quite a bit last summer and had the chance to see them at Dot to Dot, I’m not sure why I didn’t.

Another representative from Cardiff, they rock a lot like Cage the Elephant do, and with that they’d be great to see playing the Barn Stage this summer. That’s probably the best comparison as well as, they are to be taken seriously as the lyricism is quite intricate at times but at other times it is just about rocking out and TFOTL do that well.


Throwing Bricks at trains

Arming Eritrea

Chin Music

This Town Needs Guns

Oxford’s own math rock pioneers This Town Needs Guns make their annual pilgramage to truck, they’ll also probably be in the Barn. It’s usually  the accepted thing to mention minus the bear when talking about this genre of music and these guys flow in the same way but with more emphasis on vocals, in the same vein as Oxford’s other Math-Rock Kings, the Foals. If you like that kinda thing, there’s nothing about these guys not to like.


26 is dancier than 4


Good Shoes

For some reason I’ve always gotten good books and good shoes mixed up.. Glad I finally get to have some sort of visual reference or experience to connect with them.

Good shoes apparently like to dance, drink, draw, pretend to be on a mobile phone whilst they are not and write songs. Encapsulating the same niche where Bombay Bicycle Club and The Futureheads reside but Good Shoes are pretty much the same good time without the comedown.


The way my heart Beats


Esben and the witch

Various percussion instruments, laptops and guitars along with Esben… (named after a creepy Scandinavian fairytale) create a dark, romantic atmosphere of nocturnal journeys, wild creatures and black magic, complete with greek mythological references. Their lives shows are dark and stormy which will be a nice change of pace in the summer, creating gothic ambience with a wintery feel. Fans of Bat for Lashes will love this.

Marching Song (Stream/Download)

Lucia, at the precipice (Download only)


Tomorrow: EGYPTIAN HIP HOP + Mp3’s permitting: FONDA 500, ISLET, LAU,  DJ ZINC with MS DYNAMITE, BATS



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