Posted by: outroversion | March 22, 2010

Emanuel and the fear

Emanuel and the fear

Please excuse me while I introduce you to, not your new favourite band but a band with such a promising future that you’ll be able to name drop them for the next 8 months before they blow up and you’ll be able to say you knew them way before they were consumed by commercial success. Which you sorely need when your appearence fee is split 11 ways.

Emanuel and the fear are Emanuel Ayvas backed by a 10 piece orchestra, of which he is also a part.  When I heard the description I thought of the more annoying times this has been tried hoping these guys would contrast that, and fortunately, they do :)

The rain becomes the clouds shows the ease with which Emanuel’s vocals and flowing lyricism swims around this encompassing cornucopia of instrumentation, there’s everything you can imagine in there. But I think it’s Jimme’s song that is what made me give up any potential of me dismissing this as a mirage in a desert of psychadelia inspired electronica..

“I don’t wanna do nothing but be in a rock band, I don’t wanna get a job, I don’t wanna be a man”

It’s the story of a guy with dreams but who finds the flow of societal oppression and tax box ticking duties too much to fight against and ends up like every one else, a number in a mismanaged economy with no way out.

emanuel and the fear make me feel like when your grandma gave you tinned fruit with canned cream as a kid… it looks messed up but you better believe i went back for seconds  ;)” ~ anonymous via msn


Jimmes Song (Full Band Version)
The Rain Becomes The Clouds


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