Posted by: outroversion | March 14, 2010

Steel Panther

Sorry for the lack of updates this weekend, i have been deathly uninspired. However, this afternoon I thought i’d love to write a blog but wondered what on earth I could possibly write about, then I had the rather genius idea of writing about what music i’ve been listening to! How that took me three days to come up with I don’t know (:

Steel Panther

When writing an article on Steel Panther you must make the decision of whether to approach it from the “SP are a band frozen in time in the 1980s and thawed in 2008 and have come to rock your faces off” stance or from the “Steel Panther are a glam rock parody band highly regarded on the sunset strip for their nostalgia inducing live shows”, i’m torn between the two to be honest (:

Basically, and this is going to sound MENATL but- I found this band… through myspace… Yeah it happens, it’s 2010 but these guys are all about reminding you of how you shouldn’t leave the past behind. That’s not an insult at all, Steel Panther are like an EVEN MORE fun version of motley crue, like after reading Dirt and the heroin diaries over the winter i’ve got loads of time for MC but kinda wished they weren’t so serious some times and if there’s one thing you can call these guys (and there are certainly many things you can call these guys..) it isn’t “serious”.

It’s quite rare that you end up laughing at a song so much that you have to relisten to it afterwards to catch up on everything you missed. I’d just like to present some of Steel Panther’s lyricism, these from the mind blowingly brilliant death to all but metal.

Eminem can suck it, so can Dr. Dre
They can suck each other just because they’re gay
They can suck a dick, they can lick a sack
Everybody shout, “Heavy metal’s back!”

50 Cent’s a fag, so is Kanye West
Shooting hot sperm on each others’ chest

Vocally the lead singer, who is a mix of Axl Rose and Justin Hawkins from the Darkness (who guests on party all day), is brilliant. Musically it’s above generic like it’s quite inventive and with such “genius” lyrics you can’t help but love these guys. It would be a huge mistake to take them too seriously as they’re fun and just that, imagine seeing these guys live. Impossible to not be in a great mood after listening to these guys, definately worth the 4MB of space on your ipod (:

Death to all but metal MP3 Stream

Party all day MP3 Stream

Turn out the lights MP3 Stream



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