Posted by: outroversion | March 10, 2010

There’s a map of the world on the wall in your room…

Today I received this through the door (of my house)-

It’s a map of Anika‘s world, one of my favourite newly discovered bloggers/artists/musical tipsters. I quickly put it next to my brother’s copy of Ant and Dec’s little known track “falling” from 1994 took a pic and set about letting you guys know about her work.

I found out about her talent through her brilliant cartoons on the line of best fit and after spending an afternoon reading through them and being a certain percentage cheerier afterwards  I checked out her blog and quickly got some amazing tips, the highlight being bodies of water who i will definately be gushing over on here pretty soon.

Alessi’s ark, first aid kit, she keeps bees and wildbirds and peacedrums are the niche where the blog resides and that’s a pretty comforting place in itself but that doesn’t stop it branching out into the quirky new age pop of darwin deez and phychadelia of matthew and the arrogant frog.

Also I doubt you’ll ever find a bigger scary mansion fan, I mean ever since I heard sorry we took all yr money in 2008 i’ve dug them like crazy but she takes it to another level! You can certainly see Leah’s influence on her artistry and that makes it even better, check it all out here.

Alessi and Emmy by Anika :).

E-mail her here to get your own map of the world for just £5 +pp.

She also takes great photos, just talented all round. Not favouriting her blog would lead to questioning of your very judgement (:

MP3: Conor Oberst- Map of the world

Alessi and Emmy by Anika :).


  1. Just thought I should remind you that this Ant & Dec single was actually yours. Mine was the Lets get ready to rhumble!
    Good music taste runs in the family!

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