Posted by: outroversion | March 6, 2010


Hollerado- Juliette

This track is the sound of a band confident of their artistry. It’s perfectly crafted and has half brilliant lyrics and half louche wishy washy lyrics but because of the intricately interwoven tapestry it weaves they all sound brilliant. Admittedly, if the O.C was still on TV then they’d be salivating over the prospect of having this track soundtracking Ryan going to the prom with Marissa’s decomposing corpse but it really is great. Lol (:

Heligoats- Fish Sticks

Thanks to south park I can’t hear the word/see/eat fish sticks without thinking of Kanye West. However this song isn’t particular to relevant to that image. Now this track is spectacular in places, like some of the lyrics and style of vocal delivery could have been from conor oberst. no jks (:

Darchives- Monogomy is a type of wood

I’m usually dead against instrumental music but recently I’ve found some sublime works, I’ll be doing a post on my favourite finds soon. I pretty much have one rule- at some point there has to be a sound effect from super mario one on the nes and this track certainly ticks the box there! It’s jaunty and summery and has the sound where he eats a magic mushroom (:

Wakey!Wakey!- Square Peg in a round hole

Everytime I hear this track I wonder what I was thinking rating it in itunes, then by the end of it I am once again thinking it’s marvellous. Thing is the first part sounds alot like that take that inspired panic at the disco track “nine in the afternoon” but it does get darker and I likes that (:

So what if I used a upside down smiley face at the end of all the paragraphs :)



  1. I especially love that Wakey!Wakey! track.

  2. Hi, My Name is Jake and I am the Darchives. I am really glad the you liked my song and fully apprieciated the Mario F/X. I hope you keep listening and spreading the word about little independent artists like me, Thanks. Oh, and join my facebook group and friend me on myspace if you have not already. Thanks again.

    The Darchives.

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