Posted by: outroversion | March 5, 2010

Phosphorescent/George Pringle/Alice{musics}

The past few days have been amazing, not in a typical way just in that I’ve generally been around and talked to nice people the whole time and mainly about music. Plus I got tickets to Paul Mccartney.

As promised another post on tracks i’ve been liking recently, this trio are lesser known than in the previous post.


I love a haunting track and this delivers in that aspect. I first heard this track in Camden while I was waiting to see Pinback at the scala, king’s cross. These guys were supporting and I hadn’t really heard them so I listened to them and this is the one track I remember being mesmerised by.

George PringleCarte Postale

I’ve been really into spoken word music of late and George Pringle is one of my favourite finds so far. She’s dark yet expressive with a great variation of tone and delivery and paints her pictures with references to popular culture and the world around her. The keyboards and drumbeats on this track make it seem a little 80’s but then so is she.

Alice {musics}Handkerchief Drill

I think this track is great. It’s minimalistic yet burgeoning with piano, harmonies and shalalas. It’s dreamy and nightmartish, quite in fitting with the other two tracks i’ve posted here.


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