Posted by: outroversion | February 27, 2010

Outroversion’s Best of SXSW 2010

A couple of things occured to me while downloading  and listneing to the annual SXSW showcase torrent-

1. It’d be great if someone uploaded this to multiupload rather than having to sit through a torrent download

2. Someone should put out a smaller one with the fat trimmed.

So the past few days i’ve been going through the 600 or so tracks and compiling a more compact and hard disk friendly version of about 80 tracks that I think are the highlights.

Two things you should remember if you have the very gall to complain- 1. This took me ages 2. It’s just my opinion 3. If you don’t like it do it yourself :p

Ok 3 things (:

If you like the musical stylings that I’ve offered over the past 1 year and 18 days then chances are you’ll like my selections. I’ve left off a few of the better known artists like eisley, boxer rebellion, she keeps bees etc. Get it here-

Outroversion’s best of SXSW 2010

These tracks are all readily available on the internet so no worries copyright wise.

Featured Artists: Allo Darlin, Washington, Veronica Falls, Thunder Power, Those Darlins, The young republic, lonely forest, the coast, city lives, bloodsugars, black and white years,terp 2 it, suzanne chffel, steel train, standard fare, slim cessna’s audio club, sex with strangers, seb schuller, schaffer the darklord, scanner, mega ran, random, race horses, pimpbot, mumiy troll, miss li, mini mansions, maren parusel, little brazil, laurel collective, killians, katie v, jacob’s ladder, hot panda, holy rolling empire, grand hallway, grand atlantic, gin wigmore, forest city lovers, eva and the heartmaker, drew smith’s lonely choir, dirty epics , dash and will, carney, boat beam, bliss n eso, april smith and the great picture show, anti-pop consortium, anime winds, angry vs the bear, anamanaguchi, amber rubarth


  1. […] information on Simon’s selection here, or you can head straight for the archive file on […]

  2. thanks for the hard work. i’ve already downloaded the 600+ tracks and was wondering if you could list your 80 or so artists so i don’t have to clutter up my ipod with duplicate tracks. i see your “featured artists” but there aren’t 80 there. thanks again.

    • Hey jk! The artists I listed are all the ones that are in that rar, I have put extra tracks from some artists I REEEALLY liked like allo darlin’ and that mega man guy (: Dupes are annoying I know but in your itunes there’s the option to show them under the file option, hope that helps :)

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  4. I’m in the band, PIMPBOT. Mahalo for the mention!

  5. […] popularity and convenience of the SXSW best of I did, made me think it’d be a great idea to put together a collection for each of my […]

  6. […] first heard about Random at this year’s SXSW, featuring him on the best of playlist and featuring a track shortly after. His straight-faced retro-gaming referencing is enough to win […]

  7. This is a great idea. I wish more people would release their select favorites. It’s a pain downloading the torrents and knowing that because there are so many tracks you should probably only listen to 15 seconds or so of every track.

    I’m googling as we speak for highlights.

    SXSW ’11 is here, hopefully someone will do highlights like you guys did for this year.

    • Yeah we’re doing one for this year, hold on tight!

  8. […] to Baby! writer Kevin from Operation Every Band for the long list and Simon at Outroversion for the original idea. And don’t forget to follow SXSW Baby on the web (or @sxswbaby) for a […]

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  10. […] got to give a huge shout out to Ewan over at SXSW Baby who showed the site great support first time out and who I’ve had a fairly constant dialogue with throughout this process. His site has done […]

  11. […] I’m blaming Outroversion, who’s 80 track “best of SXSW 2010” sampler from last year still sits in rotation on my computer. Anyway last year he said: Two things you […]

  12. […] For more information on this playlist, check out its first incarnation here. […]

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