Posted by: outroversion | February 25, 2010

Best of February mixtape

With the move I guess February had potential to be tricky but I’ve managed to put together a pretty sweet mix, about 60/70 tracks including the new Rocket Summer, some tracks from Alice in Wonderland, Kate Nash, Lightspeed Champion, Zoey Van Goey, a good track from Corinne Bailey Rae’s new album, two door cinema club and some pop from Eliza Doolittle; I don’t know what to tell you, it’s catchy as hell.

This time rather than marking the standout tracks with snowflakes or three wise man stars I’ve done so with a couple of ninja stars..

Outroversion: Best of  February 2010

Rocket Summer– Roses **

Bodies of Water– Gold, Tan, Peach and Grey **

Grace Potter– White Rabbit

Plain White T’s– Welcome to Mystery

Franz Ferdinand– The lobster quadrille

Shinedown– Her name is alice

Motion City– Running out of time

Kate Nash– I just love you more **

Matthew and the arrogant sea– Pretty Purple Hat **

Lighstpeed Champion- Madam VD **

Hooded Fang– Land of Giants

Elizabeth and the catapult– Rainiest day of summer

Flowers Flowers- Black Rosary

The momeraths– The boyfriend song **

Zoey Van Gooey– The best treasure stays buried **

Corinne Bailey Rae– Are you here

Ground Dust– Put Back

Alessi’s Ark– Asteroids collide **

Thao Nyugen– Body

Harry’s Gym– Brother

Annuals– Down themountain/Carry around

My awesome mixtape– Me and the washing machine

Massive Attack Ft. Guy Garvey– Flat of the blade **

Marina and the dimaonds– oh no

El goodo– Be my girl

Citay– Careful with that hat!!!

Built to spill– Life’s a dream, hindsight, good ol’ boredom**

Milk white teeth– Calender will crawl

22-20- Such a fool

Bigger Lights- Goldmine Valentine

Future Islands- Little Dreamer

Eliza Doolittle– Skinny Genes

Josh Ottum– Freedom is as thick as a heart/Easy way out**

Two door cinema club– Costume Party

Active Child– Voice of an old friend (summer camp remix) **

The Berndt– Hurried feathers

Plan B– Stay too long **

Brazos– Kid

Throwing Muses– Not too soon

Mechanical Bride– Umbrella

Lawrence of arabia– Fine old friends

I blame Coco– I blame coco **

Friendly Foes– Full moon morning **

Forever the sickest kids– Cop car

Callmekat– flower in the night

Boy genius- Old new england

Blood red shoes- light it up

Baby Gravy– Not waiting **

JJ– Voi Parlate

Elephantom– Citizen of earth

Avi Buffalo– What’s in it for **

We are the city– There are very tiny beasts in the ground

Sam Leon– Little Words

Patriotic Sunday– Jonas

Pistol for Ringo– Love is like water

Nana Grizol– For things that haven’t come yet

Major Stars– The space you know

Dream boat money– I can’t wait to come home

Magic Man– Monster **

White hinterland– The destruction of the art deco house

Tigercity– A better place

Borrowed beams of light– Kids are great

Harlem– Someday soon

Good old war– Coney Island **



  1. You might like Ellie Goulding too :)

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