Posted by: outroversion | February 24, 2010

SxSw 2010 Showcase

I was half super excited and half annoyed this morning as part 1 of the annual SxSw showcase torrent was released yesterday! Having to make room for nearly 4gb of music on my burgeoning 120gb ipod was tricky but worth it. I literally deleted some beatles and death cab Oo

So as with 2009’s I will be posting my best finds. The pinnacle of last year’s was Fanfarlo, what an amazing discovery and how I love them. If I find a band nearly half as good as them i’ll probably implode. So anyway, my first great find of 2010-

Allo Darlin’

Perhaps named after Dirty Dev or whatever his name was in eastenders’ immortal line… if that’s what the line was… oh wait it was ello princess… umm I think i’ll…

It turns out Allo, Darlin’s grammatical nightmare brand of twee pop is the work of a supergroup of sorts; mainly from England and partly from Australia. Comprising of artists from Tender Trap, Hexicon, Moustache of insanity and Darren Hayman and the seconday modern A.D create catchy Camera Obscura reminscent melodies with strings twanging all over the place and silky vocals draped over with consumate ease.

You can get Emily and Baby it’s cold outside from their and it’s my heart is a drummer which is featured on the torrent so I shall leave these for you to pick up on your way out, have a nice day-

My Heart is a drummer

Emily/Baby it’s cold outside


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