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Bands you Should know: Say Hi (to your mom)

Apologies for fewer updates than usual, I switched web browsers a couple of times over the past few days and both googlechrome and safari were really frustrating to use. Anyway I started writing this one and it got to a point where I just said, that’s it- i’m going back to firefox.,,5703030,00.jpg

Say hi to your mom

I found Eric Elbogen’s band through around 5 years ago, a blog that is still going strong today; read more about it here. As I mentioned in that post I went through a phase of downloading bands with either great names or great track titles (Suburban kids with biblical names, updownleftrightababstart and Minus the bear’s thanks for the killer game of Krisco twister and wanna throw up? get me naked parts I and II). Strangely this strategy rarely steered me wrong, I guess the theory is you have to be good to have a name as austentacious as say hi to your mom, particularly in the early parts of the previous decade. Not so much in the latter.

The first track I heard was “super” and back in the day it wouldn’t be a big deal if your blog’s track labelling wasn’t itunes savvy and, I know it was only 5 or 6 years ago but the blogging world was not what it has come to be and word of mouth was not an ideal route to infamy and finding out who this band was took, no foolin- upwards of 10 minutes…

So, back when burning music onto CD-Rs and taking them around your friend’s house to play in a real life CD player was all the rage, I took this very route. Waxing lyrical about a band with songs about relationships with androids, websites so popular they crash servers, insanely catchy songs about laundry and relationships failing due to a girl’s superior gaming prowess, as we spent the afternoon on the ps2 (that’s right!) we were busy digging the hell out of this band.

I sort of had a mix of the first few albums on there but the first one I physically bought (that’s right kids, bought, with real money, from an actual music store) was Ferocious Mopes. This had such legendary tracks as “yeah, i’m in love with an android‘, ‘the forest scares the hell out of me‘ which retrospectively is reminiscent of scary mansion’s “sorry we took all yr money” with the bass and strangled vocals.

Poor pete is a bit self conscious” is a nice track, great lyrics like “Tonight is not the gonna be when his daily horoscope comes true, he knows venus is in retrograde but not if the moon is new”. “I think i’ll be a good ghost” is also great and a bit creepy which was what has always been comforting, in a weird way, about say hi, though he was never too serious about it all back then but of course later on that changed.

Numbers and mumbles is the other great album by him, it’s the album with super on. It’s immensely fun, “pop music of the future“, “hit in sweden” “let’s talk about spaceships (or anything except you and me)” “but she beat my high score” and their bass driven cover of the beatles’ track “i’m so tired” are the highlights but other tracks like a kiss to make it better and your brains vs. my tractor beam are also great. Definately download these two albums but i’ll post the others with a couple of reccomended downloads but I haven’t given them enough time to warrent any kind of a review. Although I will say “spiders” is brilliant, listen to the lyrics they’re actually genius, a genuinely creepy track.

(2002) The fritz, Laundry, Super
Numbers & Mumbles (2004) Pop music of the future, A hit in sweden, But she beat my high score, Let’s talk about spaceships, i’m so tired, a kiss to make it better, your brains vs. my tractor beam
Ferocious Mopes (2005) The forest scares the hell out of me, Yeah i’m in love with an android, I think i’ll be a good ghost, Poor pete is a bit self-conscious
Impeccable Blahs (2006) These Fangs
Wishes and the glitch (2008) Spiders
OOhs and AAhs (2009) The stars they blink only for us, One, Two … One,

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