Posted by: outroversion | February 1, 2010

Best of January

It’s a pretty huge selection this month, 73 tracks in fact. It’s been a great month. At the end of December we (the collective music blogging conscience), were worried the start of the year would be a slow burner but with Vampire Weekend taking an early shot for the album of the year, M.I.A, Courteeners and Gorillaz leaking tracks and Stornoway finally deciding to release music outside of Oxfordshire it’s turned out to be one of the best in recent memory.

There are a couple of tracks on there that are “old” but this in that there is an acoustic version of Marina and the Diamonds “I am not a robot” and Babyshambles “stone me”. The reasons for these are the former is gorgeous, the original only has 3 stars on my ipod but when I heard this reimagining it was an instant 5 stars. Pete’s band are on there as this track is supposedly going to be on their next album, it was released as a b-side, it’s brilliant but not many will have heard it.

Also I will be doing a retro playlist as well which I think i’m going to start doing each month too, it was what the retrospeed lab was originally and I think it’s great that I can pay homage to that as well as doing this blog and working with Blalock on his playlist. Music wise it’s great times.

Also this month I can incorporate the number of tracks into the title neat eh? I think there’s actually 72 tracks. Ah well still it’s something I did, so what.

I’ll denote the highlights for people with small diskspace or short on time or patience or whatever with “**”

Vampire Weekend– Dimplomat’s son**, Run**, Holiday**
United Nations of Sound– Are you ready?**
M.I.A– There are spaces for all that I see
Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man– The drowned and the saved/Where dead voices gather**
Stornoway– You don’t know anything**/The pupil of your eye/Zorbing
The little flames– Isobella
New Young Pony Club– Lost a girl
Pelle Carlberg– Clever girls like clever boys much more than clever boys like clever girls
Birds of Tokyo– White witch
Gorillaz– Stylo
Xiu Xiu– Gray Death**
Jukebox the Ghost– Good Day**
Fionn Regan– Put a penny in the slot
Darwin Deez– Up in the clouds**/Deep sea divers
Wiretree– Across my mind/Satellite song/Constellations**
Backseat Goodbye– Summer Drive Song/Technicolour Eyes**
OK Go– White Knuckles/End Love
Lady of the Sunshine– White rose parade
Yeti Lane– This Day**
Today the moon, Tomorrow the sun– Bones**
Spoon– Don’t make me a target/You got that cherry bomb**
Besnark Lakes– Albatross
Low vs. Diamond– Heart Attack**
Hot silk pockets– What’s the matter**
Performance– Reptile
New Buffalo– I’ve got you…
The Courteeners– You overdid it, doll
Marina and the diamonds– I am not a robot (acoustic)**
Babyshambles– Stone Me**
Mr. Gnome– Night of the crickets**
Everything Everything– Photoshop Handsome
Dawes– When my time comes**
Via Audio– Olga
Titles Tracks– Every little bit hurts
Chris Garneau– Fireflies
Nedry– A42
Chapel Club– All the eastern girls
Slideshow Freak– ElectroRock Therapy
Gloriana– How far do you wanna go?
Rocket Uppercut– We’ll always love the stars
PocketBooks– Falling Leaves**/Fleeting Moments
Anna Calvi– Blackout**
Summer Camp– Ghost train
White Hinterland– Icarus**
Jemina Pearl– Heartbeats
The avett Brothers– I would be sad/DieDieDie
Shad– I don’t like to**/Compromise
Wetdog– Lower Leg
Celestial– Crystal Heights
Acid House Kings– This heart is a stone**
Magnetic Fields– The dolls’ tea party
Captain Polaroid– Dust will settle on this lifeless town
The international karate plus– Brides Abroad
Monkey Swallows the universe– Jimmy Down the well**
French Semester– The large Bouquet**
Strawberry Fair- Put yourself in my place
Summer cats– Super

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  1. Dang, still can't get it to download. Sends me to a generic multiupload page.

  2. Works fine for me but just in case anyone can't get it here's two back up links-Megaupload-

  3. thanks for this outro, i'll be giving this a play asap

  4. Original link works now! Thanks!

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