Posted by: outroversion | January 29, 2010

Ipod shuffle

I haven’t done a shuffle post in ages. Do say whether you think they’re pointless or worthwhile as they do take a little longer than regular posts.I’m just reviewing two Oxford bands at the moment cogwheel dogs and babygravy and will have those up later today so give me a sec to finish that and while I do, check this out-

It’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen in my life! How awesome? Flanders looks like such an old perv but I love lisa’s hair.

I’ve trimmed down my ipod alot so it is way more about quality than quantity these days.. A mere 20,332 tracks on there these days. Pretty sure this shuffle will do justice to the time i’ve spent…

Say hi to your momThe stars just blink for us
I used to hold say hi to your mom in such reverence but then he got all serious, changed the name and stopped writing songs about doing robots… Also the title of this song should be “the stars blink only for us” and that is something that annoyed me immensely, people use just as an adverb way too much and it’s LAZY. STOP IT. PLEASE…

I still keep them as say hi to your mom on my ipod and secretly love some of the new stuff. Spiders was great and this track showcases his ability that has come around in the past few years to write really abstractly profound lyrics. The percussion and keys dririve this track along gorgeously and along with the smooth vocals it’s pretty damn nice.

Fatman ScoopBe Faithful
Oh MAN. If there was ever a track i’d imagine i hadn’t bothered putting on my ipod! What year was this? Must have been around 2002/3 what a great time, insane vocals in that they sound like a fat man. At least that’s what struck me when I was 17 or whatever I was at the time. The lyrics are catchy as hell, the video was splendid and it’s the kind of track where if you hate dance clubs like me you might actually consider moving around to this.

Elvis PresleyCan’t help falling in love
Yeah I rarely listen to Elvis, in fact i’m largely critical of him. Truth is I admire his charisma but largely look down on his ability as a songwriter, he probably didn’t even write this song did he? At the time people didn’t tend to write their own songs or even use their own names but if he did and he was really into this woman and wrote such a sappy song about her then he should probably get over it and move on she’s turning him into a 14 year old girl.

One thing I enjoy doing is confessing to people that I have every song that Rihanna’s released on my ipod regardless of quality. She’s quite the enigma as I’d gladly do this just because she’s super hot but her debut album music of the sun was such a gorgeous collection of summery pop tracks that everything else is bathed in its uplifting glory. This track is from Rated R and it’s very typical of her current style, no where near as good as
bubble pop though :D

British Sea PowerPlease stand up
Pretty high on the list of bands i’ve pretended to know to seem a little bit cooler. I’ve listened to them plenty of times but I think i’ve always felt pressured to have an opinion on them but the fact of the matter is they are in the niche they are in because they fit well there. They’re all their fans big secret but a secret that everyone kinda has an idea about but knows if they went to find out the details of the secret they’ll come out with more than a few mp3s from a greatest hits.

Rosie ThomasI play Music
Rosie Thomas borders on country mainly because of her accent and backing vocals. This track is a song about writing songs or rather playing music i guess but you can guess how it goes; i don’t feel great unless i’m playing music so i play music. She dares not to venture deeper than that on this occasion.

Why?Rubber Traits
This is a cool track. Warning: Grammatical anomoly coming up… Why? tend to paint great soundscapes but have brilliant lyrics to gloss over them this track is no exception it’s absolutely brilliant.

Camera Obscura- I don’t want to see you
I’ve said alot about this track on this blog already. I love it, I think it’s perfect. If you don’t have this track make sure you get it. I wish I could rediscover it again it really is quite special. The gorgeous delivery of vivid and unashamed lyrics underscored by a simple but beautiful piano line is just indescribably wonderous.

Architecture in HelsinkiScissor Paper Rock
This isn’t one of AIH’s silly songs so when you see them flash up and you think it’s going to a mental tune and you get one of the more low key ones you can get thrown off a bit. It’s a nice track but it’s not what will get you into them.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros40 Day Dream
What a way to finish off this shuffle. Edward Sharpe’s music is just magnificent, humungous swirling music with cool vocals and an old bar room performance feel to it. It’s great stuff definately check out the rest of his stuff.


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