Posted by: outroversion | January 18, 2010

Anna Calvi- Blackout

Anna Calvi

If you’ve been paying attention to the countless 2010 lists around you might have read Lightspeed Champion reccomending this particular song-

“There’s this girl I know called Anna Calvi. She’s so talented and has this one song called ‘Blackout’ which blows my mind. I listen to it every day. She’s the new female Elvis.” ~ Dev Hynes January 2010

One of the most wonderful singers I’ve heard in a LONG time. She is quite perfect. I urge you to click on the link I’ve put here, and play Blackout OVER AND OVER AND OVER. It is euphoric. If you can..put some headphones on and close your eyes whilst your listening to it. Imagine you are driving a hands on the wheel if you want to be that rebellious and driving very fast on a wide, empty road.Please enjoy and fall in love with her. She needs to be massive because is so so talented.” ~ Jukebox86 January 2010

The song itself as an mp3 is pretty hard to find so I ripped it from myspace and uploaded it myself. Here you are-

Anna Calvi- Blackout

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