Posted by: outroversion | December 16, 2009


Last night I was going through my old cds that I hadn’t bothered putting on my ipod. The year I left high school (2000) I was very into Rap and what back then was called RnB, t’was a different animal back then to how it was but yeah fact of the matter is there was one cd that brought back certain memories.

Thong song came out in my last year of high school, when I was at college I was all about girls andI Sisqo’s album “unleash the dragon”, along with Nelly’s “nellyville” soundtracking what was going down back in the day.

Things I liked about Sisqo-
He has silver hair
He’s married to Samantha Mumba who I was so hot for as a mid teen
His music seemed to be like a magnet for crazy ass girls
He looks like Kel from Kenan and Kel

Times have changed a lot for sure but the nostalgia of these albums are pretty hilarious.

Unleash the dragon
Return of the dragon

Now i’m more mature I have a feeling dragon might be a metaphor for something. Maybe not, I dunno..


  1. So he's in celebrity big brother! Woooeeee. Best entrance ever. Might watch this year lol WHAT I'M ABOUT TO DO- I'm SURE NOBODY EXPECTED… BUT THAT'S WHAT I DO… ALL I'M doing is- letting ya'll niggers KNOW. I'm about to UNLEASH THE DRAGON!!!

  2. totally shouldnt have downloaded these…..

  3. haha yeah? not digging?!

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