Posted by: outroversion | December 16, 2009

Albums of the year: Eels- Hombre Lobo

01. Prizefighter ( 2:53)
02. That Look You Gave That Guy ( 4:15)
03. Lilac Breeze ( 2:35)
04. In My Dreams ( 3:22)
05. Tremendous Dynamite ( 2:45)
06. The Longing ( 4:22)
07. Fresh Blood ( 4:24)
08. What’s A Fella Gotta Do ( 3:25)
09. My Timing Is Off ( 2:57)
10. Alll The Beautiful Things ( 2:22)
11. Beginner’s Luck ( 3:37)
12. Ordinary Men ( 3:15)

Essential Downloads: 7, 11, 3

This album came out the same time as Rumble Strips’ 2009 effort, it was when I got these two albums that I decided this was going to be a hell of a year for new music if I was open to it and it has been amazing.

I love the eels, I think Mark Oliver Everitt is a genius and his success through personal tragedy should give us all hope. As with all of his albums there are some great pop gems and some really dark moments. Blinking lights was a little heavy on the latter but this has a nice mix. Fresh blood is dark but catchy and tuneful and beginner’s luck is as good as any pop song you’ll hear this year. Lilac breeze is so pretty. At least get the ones i’ve suggested as listening to a whole eels album is always a bit heavy, like i say each album has like 3 or 4 special tracks on and the ones i’ve reccomended are those here but the whole album is as good as any of his others if you don’t mind jumping on the rollercoaster.

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