Posted by: outroversion | December 10, 2009

Albums of the year: Local natives- Gorilla Manor

Probably the latest inclusion in my albums of the year list. Just so you know, it replaced kasabian’s west pauper lunatic asylum ;) I only got it a week ago but I’d been listening to the tracks I did have for about half a year and saw them live a few months ago so check out my other posts on them. They’re really smooth, mgmt like in terms of atmospheric vocals and the comparisons to RaRaRiot are undeniable. Oh, also killers like in terms of having brandon flowers’ moustaches. The whole album is a really gorgeous listen but the tracks I’ve reccomended below are absolute no question must haves.

Local Natives- Gorilla Manor

1. Wide Eyes
2. Airplanes
3. Sun Hands
4. World News
5. Shape Shifter
6. Camera Talk
7. Cards & Quarters
8. Warning Sign
9. Who Knows Who Cares
10. Cubism Dream
11. Stranger Things
12. Sticky Thread

Essential Downloads: 2, 3, 4



  1. The link doesn't work…

  2. Outroversion

  3. thanks dude

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