Posted by: outroversion | December 1, 2009

Best of November 2009

This month’s “best of…” precludes a month that is to be dominated by both “best of 09’s” and “best of 2000’s” in every music medium, magazines, radio and blogs so it may well be a slow one, who knows. All I know is that November wasn’t! It was great in terms of new music the world was introduced to surfer blood and free energy and i heard somewhere that england sank. There was a return to furore by vampire weekend, spoon, cloud cult and dave grohl wapped out his supergroup. Enjoy the best the past 31 days has to offer-

Part I
Mirah- Cold Cold Water
The vincent black shadows- Metro
The rosebuds- boxcar
The hidden cameras- In the NA
The Kiara Elles- Odio
Surfer Blood- Swim
The seedy seeds- Drive me to the centre
Amusement parks on fire- In our eyes
Alec ounsworth- South philadelphia (Drug days)
The seedy seeds- Feeders
Chris Bathgate- A flash of light followed by darkness
Johnny Foreigner- Dark Harbourzz
Surfer Blood- Fast Jabroni
Cloud Cult- The ghost inside our house
The pains of being pure at heart- Twins
The seedy seeds- earned average dance america
Frontier Ruckus- The Rosemont
To my boy- Tell me computer

Part II
Systems Officer- East
Codeine Velvet Club- Vanity Kills
Sleigh Bells- Ring Ring
Tokyo Police Club- Juno
Them Crooked Vultures- New Fang
The Brunettes- Connection & Red Rollerskates
Bear in heaven- Lovesick Teenagers
Free Energy – Dream City & Free Energy
The High Wire- Leave me in love
The Northwestern- Telephones & All the ones
The Da Vincis- 50’s film
Steve Shiffman and the land of No- Tweed Skirt
Super Extra Bonus Party- Comets
Pomplamoose- Beat the house, centrifuge, little things & Twice as nice
Pants Yell!- Cold Hands
Now Now Every Children- Not one but two
Annie Brooks- June

Part III
Freelance Whales- Generator ^ Second Floor
Gentle Friendly- RIP STATIC
The Black and White Years- To Modern Science
BOAT- The ferocious sound of lobsters
Team William- You look familiar
Vampire Weekend- Cousins
The Bravery- Slow Poison
Person L- Good days
Chew Lips- Slick
The Brother’s movement- Blind
Damien- Confidants
The balconies- serious bedtime
The thermals- Now we can see (acoustic)
Hallelujah the hills- Classic tapes
Adam Arcuragi- Lunch in field four
His clancyness- Ottawa Backfired Soon (early)
Wild palms- Overtime
Telekenesis- Coast of Carolina
Spoon- Anything you want
The subjects- Winter Vacation
Joy Williams- Sunny Day
Real Ones- Every dog has his day

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