Posted by: outroversion | November 18, 2009

Marina and the diamonds demos and rarities

I was just in a webchat with marina diamandis and someone posted a link to a treasure trove of rare tracks from her, it’s as good as it looks-

*Links taken down at request*

Files are on sendspace, mainly.
Daddy Was A Sailor
Hermit The Frog
Simplify (Old Version)
Bad Kidz
Porn Is Good For The Soul
Starlight/Video 17
Horror Pop
This Is L.A.
Trouble Mind
Blindfold Me
Guilty (Final Version)
Philosopher My Arse
Plastic Rainbow
What Are You Waiting For? (Live)
Shampain (The Shampain Sleeper)
Girls Girls Girls
Jealousy (Demo)
The Outsider (Old Version)
Space And The Woods (Live)
Seventeen (Old Version)
The Outsider (New Version)
The Crown Jewels EP (I Am Not A Robot, Mowgli’s Road, Simplify, I Am Not A Robot Official Rremix, Seventeen)
Songs Live (Mowgli’s Road Live, I Am Not A Robot, Obsessions Etc.)


  1. devo that they had all these taken down :(

  2. yeah, oh man, I was so happy when I found this 'cause I've been looking for some songs of her for so long :( any chance of a reupload? that'd be incredibly amazing!

  3. hey anna. I too was pretty dissapointed when these were taken down. I don't have all of them which is why i've put off reupping them but I think I will put what I do have up and look around for people who have the rest.

  4. plus if you just need some music of hers, click the links at the bottom of the post there's loads of other stuff from her just not the demos atm

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