Posted by: outroversion | November 14, 2009



What a journey paramore have had eh. Let me get this straight first of all, I still think hayley williams is super hot and I still enjoy their music buttttttt yeah- they’ve gotten all humungous with 14 year old fans like death cab (who are also on the twilight soundtrack *forks eyes*) and so yeah the edge has been taken off a little bit.

Thing is, I loved riot. I found out about them when “all we know is falling” was out and i got it at the same time as paul mccartney’s (inconsequential piece of information), I dug them and right after that riot came out and I thought it was amazing. Hallelujah, that’s what you get, misery business, it was FULL of great songs.

They toured that, playing academys over here and were phenomenal but then twilight happened and now they’re playing arena’s. I have a ticket for birmingham (if anyone wants to buy it) but am probably not going to go as I can’t be bothered with big gigs unless there was never an alternative (foo fighters, chili peppers, paul mccartney).

The new album is ok but they’ve sold so much on the back of selling their soul to a teen phenomenon but then muse, radiohead, death cab and countless others have also jumped on the bandwagon i mean who could blame them? It’s $$$. I like two tracks on it, the single and the closer. The latter which really show cases hayley’s voice which isn’t particularly utilised on the album and won’t have to be live now.

Just get the albums before they become even less cool-

All we know is falling
(pressure, emergency)
Riot! (Misery business, that’s what you get, hallelujah, born for this, crushcrushcrush)
The final riot (Hallelujah- leonard cohen cover into paramore version)
Brand new eyes (decode, ignorance, all i wanted, brick by boring brick)

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