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Fall Out Boy- Infinity on high (2007) [Albums you should own]

This is a review of a fall out boy album, not a discussion of broad socal trends…

Fall out boy- Inifinity on High (2007)

I bought this album in Canada on the stregnth of “… Arms race“, a song I can barely listen to due to one night while we were pregaming with everything imaginable, I had this song on loop and me and the guys there just forgot that it was playing on loop while we were having good times and by the time we headed out we’d probably heard the song about 50 million times constantly for 6 hours and at the party we went to every song that was played just sounded like that song to me. It’s a great track but that night is my definition of overkill!

Since then this album has turned into one of my favourites of modern times. As I mentioned during my Bright Eyes post Canada was full of amazing ups and downs and the music that soundtracked that was immense. I listened to this album in different moods, when I feel good, down, when I can’t sleep, it’s pretty versatile.

It kicks off with a Jay fucking Z intro, how cool?! The following song, Thriller, sets up the album perfectly rocky, angsty, all lovely and emo. Comfort! Jay Z closes that song and it kicks into another classic “The takeover, the break’s over” oh yeah so the whole FOB ridiculously long song titles thing is a consistant theme here as well. Great changes of pace and Patrick Stump’s vocals are as strong and versatile as ever.

The sixth track on the album “Golden” is just beautiful. Magnificent, isolating. It would be perfect to listen to on a cold, rainy, moonlit night in your car under a flickering streetlight after you’d been fired from your job, evicted from your apartment and served a restraining order… The progressive metronome at the end of the song is my favouroite thing in music ever.

We only want to sing you to sleep through your bedroom speakers“, it’s like he sings on “Hum Hallelujah” “I can write it better than you ever felt it“, like I can see why this band means so much to so many.

Album closer “I’ve got all this ringing in my ears and none on my fingers” (… yeah) is like when Dean Martin did medleys in vegas or the end of abbey road, a mixture of riffs and lines from earlier in the album blended into another song, it’s really quite special.

I can’t speak highly enough of this album.

So as ever the album is in the title under the album cover if you want the whole thing and i’ll link the best tracks off the album at the end if you simply do NOT have time to listen to a whole album based purely on one guys opinion. Jeez. Either way you’re missing out if you hadn’t got it yet but make up for it it really is quite the masterpiece.

The takeover, the break’s over
I’ve got all this ringing in my ears and none on my fingers
This aint a scene it’s an arms race


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    Golgen is my favourite song from this album! Shivers down my spine everytime.

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