Posted by: outroversion | October 15, 2009

Jupiter One- Sunshower (2009)

You know sometimes you hear someone and you think they’re amazing but you thihnk you better not get carried away? I don’t feel that here, I just think these guys are AMAZING. They’re not new so it’s not on a par with finding fanfarlo, my band of this year without a doubt, but these guys are without a doubt my band of this month and it’s only half way through. That’s like a band of the week four weeks in a row so yes, it is quite the accolate. Just get this album it’s mind blowing, Flaming arrow is the track that will get you hooked but you won’t be going any where after that.

Jupiter One- Sunshower (2009)

Sunshower can be rare occurrence, but when these opposing forces meet, magic
and allure is in theair. This is exactly why the NYC-based rockers, Jupiter One, chose the title
(inspired by the Japanese short film Dreams by Akira Kurosawa) for their upcoming Ryko album. Their far-out freshness mixed with timeless musical inspirations mesh together in a bittersweet indie-pop rock concoction.

01. Volcano ( 3:53)
02. Lights Go Out ( 3:06)
03. Flaming Arrow ( 3:23)
04. Made In A Day ( 2:53)
05. Anna ( 3:21)
06. Simple Stones ( 4:32)
07. High Plains Drifter Finds The Oracle At Delphi ( 4:29)
08. Find Me A Place ( 3:34)
09. Come On ( 3:24)
10. Strange Teacher ( 4:04)
11. People In The Mountain, People Of The Ocean ( 1:49)


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