Posted by: outroversion | September 24, 2009

Monsters of folk

You know the super group that’s as good as it sounds.

Monsters of Folk (2009)

Upon first listen, it didn’t blow my brains out. I mean do you reeeaaaally want that from an alt.folk album anyway right? I was ready to receive this as my album of the year to be honest, I was ready to listen to it on loop, buy it on cd, all that 20th century jazz. Unfortunately it didn’t grab me. That is to say it hasn’t, yet. I still hold out hope. One thing though- map of the world by conor oberst is incredible, it’s up there with his best (by that I mean theme from pinata, rainy days and weather reports).

Think they’ve got the right balance here in terms of artists, they all have always been in it for the creative outlet and just wanted to make music together. In a fantasy, unicorn, night rainbow, planet of the nymphomaniacs dreamworld this would be conor oberst, ben gibbard, john vanderslice and rob crow but the fact of the matter is you know that wouldn’t go down well and ben gibbard’s voice is starting to annoy me now. There I said it. *is genuinely devastated by this revelation*

In me news: I’ve sneezed a lot of times today and i’m also pumped for finding a new job.

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