Posted by: outroversion | August 5, 2009

Summer Sundae Pt. I

I’ve not been to this festival before but have booked the whole weekend off from work as it’s both my birthday and when my dad died so figured I wanted to be a bit stress free. I can’t decide whether to go for all 3 days or just one. A week ago, it was one- fuck camping- i was dying after just 2 nights at truck! but now i’ve recovered i’m open for making more mistakes!

Another reason why I thought about going for just the one day was that I there were a whole ‘nother BUTTload of bands I’d never even heard of and a few of them headlining! So i’m like wtf am I that out of touch?! No of course not but it’s whether I could be bothered to research who to see before I went… Of course I could I mean music is my life so there we go it’s settled i’d go for the whole weekend I’m glad we had this little chat.

Summer Sundae 14-15-16 August 2009

I figure the best way to do this is to do one a day.

Oi Va Voi

Seems Oi Va Voi (yiddish for “oh! dear”) have been plugging around quitely for the whole of this decade, until their latest effort which looks like propelling them to some sort of indie notoriety. A multi-instrumental world music inspired sound with satin laced, at times female, at times less satin laced male vocals draped over electic mucianship. This is without even mentioning the lyrics, which as anyone who knows me will know is what music’s all about for me and here they do share a stage with amazing music which either means they’ve got to be second place or step up and produce an amazing cocophany of sound, guess which these guys chose… well i’ve listened andi’m not even sure of the answer… Sometimes there’s amazing lyrics sometimes there’s chanting and atmosphere creating vocal gymnastics and sometimes there’s lyrics in other languages what I don’t even know what they are. I can only imagine them to be a spectacle live, I’ll listen to their album when I upload it to my ipod and give more info on these guys, at the mo, looking a bit specialist.


  1. word of advice, what ever you do avoid indie shit storm "frontiers". Talentless hype x

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