Posted by: outroversion | June 11, 2009

New music (sonic youth/marina and the diamonds/cogwheel dogs/dum dum girls/client)

I now get a warning to remove the files which is great except i got like 7 on my last few posts so that was a little demoralising but it’s better to have that than the whole blog removed and as you can see it’s still been going pretty strong despite all this. Spread the word if you please.

Marina and the diamonds- Obsessions

I love polly scattergood at the moment, her beautious visage melded with lyrics from the darkest corners of a lunatic asylum. And this is the same reason I dig marina and the diamonds. This track is laden with secret stars like angst with her synesthesia infused vocals. Maybe the piano is a little simple but the pulsing of the percussion helps it on the journey that she’s becoming pretty spectacular at creating.

Sonic Youth- Anti-Orgasm

Sonic Youth’s new album is their first on the matador label, ending their 17-year long love affair with geffen. This track is all about the guitars, so much going on and very little repeated, solos all over the place, riffs riffing in and out of each other and feedback on the rhythm, it what weve come to expect in a way and it’s where SY are at their best. “The tracks with the chick on are the best”. This piece concludes with a dreamy outro, ambient sonic youth at their best. This album is a return to form.

Client- Lullaby

Electronically and disco driven, robots in disguise influenced the pulse beat is fairly resounding in that the lyrics become a little background not that they’re particularly meaningful. Bottom line is don’t get this track if you want insightful, introverted lyrics just get if you dig synths and robot girl vocals, they’re ok for sure… but also really, really hot.

Cogwheel Dogs- Ducking Stool

I found these two guys (M/F) on and the best thing about them is they sound like a full band. Layered vocals and harmonies, drums, guitars, cello… Well I say that’s the best thing they’re actually awesome in other ways too. I’ll be following this band. The lyrical themes on this track are reminiscent of cloud cult as well as the delivery and some of the guitar parts sound so much like modest mouse it’s heaven. They’ve got other free tracks on their so check them out.

Dum Dum Girls- Longhair

This chick dee dee is very riot grrrl. Defining herself “blissed out buzzsaw”, she concentrates more on making the music as low-fi and fuzzed up as is bearable before dulling that out and switching it to the vocals. It’s all very intelligently layered and being self-produced she really knows what works well with her sound and knows how to get it. It all sounds like something you’d hear if you fell asleep due to sunstroke at a music festival in one of the less populated band tents and realised what you were hearing is in your head.

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