Posted by: outroversion | June 10, 2009

Shuffle Wednesday

Hannah fury- Untitled

Only a minute long, I assume it’s either the first or last track… or one of the ones in the middle of her album… charmingly named “through the gash”. It beings off ambient before

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Lovin and touchin

38 seconds. This is all beginning to get very brief. This track from freaky styley has AK saying sentences that sound like lovin and touchin, for example kissing and hugging, fondling and moaning… you get the idea.

Air France- Collapsing at your doorstep

I think I’ve already posted this track on here but not written about it. It’s heavenly. It has a repeated sound clip, possibly from a movie, “sorta like a dream” “no… better” and with the dreamy instrumental and strings and “tomorrow’s at your door” from the Sarah Cracknall part of Swedish band AF, who describe themselves as “beach foam pop” it’s all pretty spectacular and blissful. Sorta like a dream. No. Better.

Boat- (I’m a) Donkey for you love

I got this track from a “best of 2007” compilation on some random blog, since then boat which I think they are called now rather than B.O.A.T have become quite well respected. This track starts off with John Lennon’s “I told you about strawberry fields” from glass onion and I’m like… Yeah if we all put beatles lyrics in our songs, result but also a bit lazy as that made me like this song instantly, it’s like loving someone just for the way they look. The rest of the track is all over the place, samples, the lyrics are stacatto and a lot of ba ba bas… in other words catchy as fuck.

Bright Eyes- the difference in the shadows

“Now that it’s june, we’ll sleep out in the garden. And if it rains, we’ll just sink into the mud” As ever I needn’t write anything except his lyrics because he lets them speak for themselves. Conor starts of quiet here, accompanied only by an acoustic guitar before the drums kick in along with mike mogis’ country slide thing. It gets more intense half way through before getting really intense but with beautiful words. Pretty much everything you’d expect from the nebraskian, particularly on letting of the happiness as this is.

Nirvana- Something in the way (MTV Unplugged Live)

The legendary MTV live session, every track haunting as ever, it’s all so sparse; the guitars, the drums but the vocals resound like your favourite ghost. There’s not much I can say about Nirvana that hasn’t been. Great track, great session, great band. Obviously download this and the rest of the album if you haven’t heard it and if you don’t have much nirvana go get all their stuff!

The Long Blondes- Once and never again (Singles version)

I loved this when I was younger before I played it to death, I just loved the rhythmic percussion in it. That’s the version on “someone to drive you home” this version is live, infinately rawer. I really dig the long blondes, click on their name down the bottom to see my post on them.

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