Posted by: outroversion | June 4, 2009

New female artists

Rose Elinor Dougall

She used to be in the pipettes, one of those either all girl or female fronted indie bands that come around and are cool for a little bit but then start to get called pop. One rather prominent example of this is the ting tings, another being kate nash, one more relevant example is florence and the machine, one current example is little boots, one future example will be marina and the diamonds, I really could go on and on until I run out of air and the asphyxiation of my wind pipe from lack of oxygen causes me to be sick all over anyone who’s stuck around that long.

Her music is very spring/summer orientated, blissfull sunshine indie pop with a hint of ambience and experimentation most prevelant on Start/stop/synchro which is a really great track and sounds almost low-fi on the chorus’ which is great. Another good thing is she isn’t reminiscent of any other solo female artist at the moment and considering how many i’ve mentioned already in that post that’s quite impressive.


VV Brown

She’s like a mixture of old school doowop, modern dance, musical theatre, pop and with some excellent lyrical themes and discourse if you pay attention to them which you really don’t have to because her music is a GREAT time and also doesn’t really sound all that much like anything around right now which is awesome, so fresh. Like she is awesome, I can only imagine that her gigs are THE most fun and an incredibly joyous experience. I’m assuming eventually she’s going to big but I don’t know where the ignorant british media will pigeonhole her, she’s certainly not lady gaga (formally monsieur gaga i presume) but hopefully she won’t be stuck with the brit crowd.

It’ll be hard to beat VV Brown as my favourite artist i’ve found today but i’m literally just going through them one by one so who knows what’s going to come up. Crying blood is an amazing track and apparently she can play a whole bunch of instruments too oh, and self produces. She’s pretty damn cool. Also going through her tracks it seems she’s covered “this charming man” by the smiths, she seems to have turned it into a remorseful, dark epic. I think it’s good. Otherwise she’s 100% awesome.

Crying Blood

Polly Scattergood

Ok, she’s not new to me but I’ve been meaning to post about her.

She’s got an amazing, unique voice and style and with the most dark and haunting i’ve heard in recent times. I wish all female artists were like this. The journey’s she takes us on begin with hope before being dragged back by the darkness, like cat power said, the schizophrenia’s weighing me down. You can never escape yourself, only change who you are.

I love her desription on too- “Polly Scattergood is words and moments, noisy and quiet, bombay sapphire, somethings n nothings, cheated hearts, open minds, coffee (but not Starbucks) and cigarettes, paper cranes, london roads, sunday nights, polly scattergood, make believe, tree house adventures, being on the road, feeling infinite, black holes, pink and green, telephone booths, the moment before dawn, broken fingers, crossed wires, fragile, handle with care and do-you-good soup.

Her debut album is amazing, I believe it got sort of 8/9 in nme. Man her music is beautiful and fragile.

Other too endless



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