Posted by: outroversion | June 2, 2009

To write love on her arms #2

Here comes the serious bit Pt. II

Probably don’t read if you don’t want to know how emotionally insecure i am uh- lol

So I wrote about TWLOHA a little while ago and the main focus was rocket summer, I wanted to give a shout out to all the other bands that help out the society. I still don’t talk about it but I know i’m going to have to start soon, fact of the matter is in the past few years i’ve had a parent and a friend commit suicide, the former on my birthday and the latter the same day I was in a car accident, two friends die in seperate car accidents, my grandad and aunt die, and when I try to list them all like this I forget some because I’ve blocked it all out and it comes out through self-harm. But recently i’ve been going through hard times and even when I tried to take a break I couldn’t escape myself. I feel like I’ve had my last drink as that was just another way of hurting myself. I’m done with all that, I just want to be healthy and not feel like this.

Anberlin- Audrey Start the revolution
Paramore- We were born for this
Copeland- No one really wins balls
Rocket Summer- Cross my heart
Bayside- Just enough to love you

I have so much more respect for the people at gigs drinking fruit juice than the people drinking beer, sweating and making out with strangers and I know this used to be me but the feeling that I felt was so profound that I feel like I wouldn’t even consider doing this again, I want to be all I can be.

(Bombay Bicycle Club- Always Like This)



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