Posted by: outroversion | May 31, 2009

En Francais

So I popped over to France for a few days to see a canadian friend, here is what I wrote on the ferry home,

“While I was studying neuro-linguistics, one practitioner talked about emotional response and how wanting to change something sometimes isn’t enough and to produce genuine long-term results you must experience and, react to the strongest and indeed, worst-case scenario.”

These were the first few tracks that came on my ipod and also the most poignant, music does that to you…

Camera Obscura- Books written for girls
The Libertines- Can’t Stand me now
John Vanderslice- New Zealand Pines
Pete and the pirates- She doesn’t belong to me
Sammy Davis Junior- The Girl From Ipanema
Air France- Collapsing at your door

“When I think about me I hate myself woo-ooo!“, on that subject tomorrow’s blog will be about to write love on her arms again. Great news about this is i’ve already written the most depressing song of all time today!

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