Posted by: outroversion | May 15, 2009

Shuffle IX (Do the ipod shuffle)

Red Hot Chili Peppers- The Zephyr Song (Live at slane castle)

Slane Castle seems like a pretty awesome place for a gig and I’ll definately hit ireland up this summer and maybe get to a show there. The chili pepps, I got into them very late and this was the first song that I really dug by them, it went on from there, covering their songs with my old band and then seeing them live on the stadium arcadium tour. Wish i’d seen them earlier but they’re always going to be immense, they were meant to be seen live but they make a killer CD as well.

Yui- Summer Song

Alright so you know those hype charts on Well the first time I saw them this song was at the top and so I downloaded it. Turns out those charts are pointless, not because of this song but because of how much pop/shit people listen to in the world in general. This is an alright song for a song that’s entirely in Japanese, I’m pretty sure she’s pretty happy and saying happy things. It’s rare to hear a japanese song without being drunk at the movies playing dance dance revolution.

Doves- Spellbound

Interesting story about doves latest album is that it missed out on top spot by like 6 copies, pretty amazing. I’ve never paid any attention to them before, I had them on my creative labs mp3 player all those years ago and just plain old deleted them because I had no time for them. They seem to have sent their sound down the gym for the summer while playing volleyball at the beach in its spare time and sent it back to school all tanned and toned. The reults are much more than acceptable- quite good even. If it was by a random band and not by them I might even throw a superlative their way like nice sounding.

Smashing Pumpkins- Today

Love this track. I first heard it driving to my last job, I remember it distinctly, I immedietely rated it, such a hopefull song and listening to it when you’re driving to a place you hate it kinda makes you determined not to let that get in the way of your happiness. I’ve recently got back into the smashing pumpkins again for one reason or another and i’m loving it, it’s that side of metal that i like.

Coheed and Cambria- The Crowing

I get a few bands mixed up and this is one of them, there’s one that writes really long songs and supported the red hot chili peppers, one that writes songs in comic books and I think these are the other ones that get mixed up in that for no reason. They have quite a dark sound, I only have one album “in keeping with secrets of silen earth” or something like that. One of the other’s is mars volta and maybe this is the one with the comic books?! I dunno lemme know… Saying all this this song was kinda (too) long..

Fanfarlo- Comets

YEEAAAHH!!! I know i’ve gone on and on about fanfarlo but I think they’re going to be massive. I’m seeing them in a couple of weeks, the night before I leave for france (yeah my life, you’re jealous so what?). This track emphasises all they’re great for haunting backing, deep bass, introspective lyrics, hopeful sounding vocals with intense lyrics. So glad I found this band. “If you look at the horizon there is always something ducking out of sight” I wrote fucking the first time I wrote that :)


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