Posted by: outroversion | May 14, 2009

The Long Blondes (2003-2008)

The Long Blondes (2003-2008)

I stumbled upon the long blondes when I was off to see flash in the pan band “the automatic”, as well as two hopeless ne’erdowells who dressed well but played shit music (!forwardrussia!/boykillboy). This was at the student union in oxford brookes about a week after seeing death cab there. And man am I ever glad I did.

I’ve only been fortunate to see them live twice but they have been two of the most FUN gigs i’ve been to. I know you’re probably thinking, hey buddy isn’t this all a little… affeminate? And i’d say nice diction dude but Kate Jackson is THE sex. At any given moment she has the ability to realise a sexual potency that would be crazy to even have prophecised. This was most notable live during “too clever by half” where I was so close to making out with a fat chick I was that caught up in the moment.

The first track I heard by them was “once and never again” catchy as hell and was on my road trip tape for 2005. I’ve posted the easiest songs to get into down the bottom of this post but you should pretty much get everything. Everything about them is cool, kate’s geek-chic look to playing gigs in libraries.

Unfortunately they split pretty soon after I saw them live last after dorian had a stroke, pretty intense stuff but they’ve said they hope to do one tour eventualyl as a thankyou to all the fans and if they do I highly reccomend you go. KJ apparently is going to be doing some solo stuff to so it’s by no means the end

Once and never again
Seperated by motorways
Giddy Strataspheres
Too clever by half
The Couples


  1. Hey, where did you hear about the possibility of a farewell tour!?This is big news!

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